Thursday, July 15, 2010

The Problem With the Belief in Negro Inferiority

There is a delusion that we can undo racial disparities by simply pretending that they are either non-existent or entirely the fault of White people. Such a solution is utterly unfeasible. Maybe the differences are due at least partially to genetic factors, or perhaps they are entirely environmental. But, anyone who has reviewed the literature on Negro-White differences knows that environmental theories are suspect at best. So, considering the weakness of the environmental hypothesis, we are left with a serious problem. How do we convince Whites that the relative inferiority of Negroes (for certain measures) is totally environmental? The answer is that we cannot, at least until more data accumulates which will vindicate the negro race. Whites and even Negroes themselves (who are committed to a belief in their own inferiority) will continue to suspect that racial disparities are at least partly hereditary. This is the truth, and no political dogma will obfuscate it.

What does this mean for mixed Whites? Unfortunately, as long as the politically correct dogma denies the existence of racial disparities, or blames them on "racist" oppression (which nobody really buys), people will simply form their own assumptions in private. That means they will stereotype mixed Whites in an unfriendly fashion. We cannot afford for this to happen, because our acceptance in the White community is directly proportional to the belief that we possess genuine European qualities. If race differences are not going away (and they aren't anytime soon), then we need Whites to understand the facts, and we need to clearly distinguish our traits from those of Negroes. There is no other viable option for us. However, there are those in the country who want to maintain the status quo. Negroes and White liberals have an invested interest in silencing discussion on racial differences. Originally in the 1960's such discussion was normative among educators and psychologists. But, when Negroes failed to close the achievement gap in the 1970's, experts gradually adopted the position that investigation of group differences was "part of the problem", and implemented a moratorium on race research. Of course, the tacit admission is that race differences are real, partly genetic, and immutable. People simply refuse to acknowledge this hypocrisy and employ rhetorical devices to silence dissent.

Now, perhaps the reader doubts that there is a pervasive belief in the racial inferiority of Negroes (and mixed race people). After all, hate crimes are infrequent, Whites are tolerant of minorities, and intermarriage is higher than ever before. But overt hatred is not the problem which confronts us, implicit beliefs and covert prejudice are the matter of concern. To investigate the belief in Negro and mixed-race inferiority, I conducted a survey in a popular internet chat room with mostly young adult and teenage users. I asked 138 people if they were White Americans, and willing to answer my poll. I acquired 25 respondents. The average age was 17.2, with a range from 14 - 22 years old. 56% of respondents were male, and 44% were female. I asked each respondent the following question:
"Psychologists have found that White Americans score 100 on IQ tests, Mulattoes score 94, and Blacks score 83. The Lowest European country scores 92. The highest African country scores 78. With which of the following do you MOST agree? (a) The differences are entirely genetic. (b) The differences are both environmental and genetic. (c) The differences are entirely environmental."
The results confirmed my claim that there is a pervasive belief in biological Negro inferiority. While few of the respondents indicated overt hostility towards either Negroes or Mulattoes, 52% replied that intelligence differences between the races were at least partly genetic. 20% said they were entirely genetic, and 32% believed they were both environmental and hereditary. Only 48% of respondents replied that intelligence differences were entirely environmental. These results also match similar attitude polls conducted on journalists, editors, and psychometricians. See the following example from Snyderman and Rothman's The IQ Controversy (1989).

Of course there is the objection that such polls simply instruct "racism" rather than measure it. However, this is unlikely because racial disparities, while taboo, are far from secret. Race differences in scholastic aptitude are common knowledge, and racial disparities in crime rates and historical development, are familiar even to children. Given the evidence, it is obvious that the multicultural dogma succeeded in silencing discussion on race differences, but failed to expunge an entrenched belief in White Superiority.

This is the situation, and the pertinent question is what to do about it? Even if it were possible to convince Whites that Negroes are not inferior, it's unlikely that we could succeed where the entire society has failed for over 50 years. This is assuming that we believe in equality ourselves. Realistically, many of us do not agree, which complicates the problem even further. For these reasons, it seems to me that it is a mistake to define mixed race ability as a dependent of that of Negroes. It's a losing battle, not to mention an unnecessary one.

Firstly, biracials are not an inherent "type", but a hybrid whose qualities depend entirely on those of the parents. Importantly, mating between Whites and Negroes is assortative rather than random. Most Negro parents are middle class and educated, while White parents are from a middle class background, educated, but low earning. Consequently, the average properties of Caucasians and Negroes are irrelevant to the characteristics of the Biracial population. Superior Negro parents crossed with superior Caucasian parents, will produce superior biracial offspring. The converse is also true. Second, whatever dysgenesis actually occurs in present interracial matings, the average properties of the mixed race offspring are within the European range. The mean IQ of mulattoes with White mothers (75% of all mulattoes) is 94. The mean IQ of all Biracials is 92. For comparison, the IQ of White Americans is 100, Ireland is 94, Greece is 93, and Croatia is 92. But, so long as intelligence differences are "dogmatized" out of existence by Negroes and White liberals, people will continue to form stereotypical and inaccurate opinions about the relative abilities of pure Caucasians, Mulattoes, and Negroes. They will mistakenly believe that Caucasians are uniform and collectively superior to Mulattoes. They will misjudge the size of the existing differences, and they will attribute the disparity to "racial essence" rather than mating type. For this reason, as long as Negroes are underachieving, mixed Whites cannot afford for people to falsely perceive us as average racial crosses. We must publicize the facts on racial disparities and exonerate ourselves.